Front end Developer

So carrying on, in a similar subject to the previous full stack developer opportunities. Another high demand skill is Front end Developer.

Once again Free Code Camp comes up with the good, a guide to becoming a Front end developer

In fact this article covers becoming 'Front End, Back End, or DevOps Developer'

Again worth checking out, so what is the catch here, you often here people say about free stuff 'if it is too good to be true, it probably is' well free code camp certainly does not fit in that statement, courses are excellent, help and support is also excellent. In fact SwitchUp has a review here

If you are already following Paignton Code Club or the South Devon Tech jam then those of you who are following the Responsive Web Design course are already making the first steps.

Halloween Projects

The Scratch team have a special studio for users to share Halloween related projects

Add project links to the comments section and one of their curators will add to the studio.


Full stack development

looking at the West Country Jobs website. It looks like they are, or were, looking for Full Stack Developers.

As code club is about inspiring people to learn IT / Development skills, it goes without saying that this HAS to, in some way, lead to opportunities for paid employment.

Free Code Camp, offer a course on Full Stack Development.


Python Text Adventure Game

Welcome to the 2nd day of the EU Code Week activities, presented as part of Paignton Library code club.

So today, there is an activity on Building a text based adventure game using the Python Programming language.

As with other activities you can probably use to complete this and collaborate with others.

This activity is also mentioned on the going further but is presented here as part of EU Code Week.


Udemy Scratch course

So if you are just starting out with programming. Scratch is considered a good starting point.

Udemy offer the following

Free Scratch Programming Tutorial – Scratch Game Programming for Young Adults | Udemy

Which can be accessed here and looks a great starting point and should also complement the code club materials I have sent out previously.


Other than the support offered by Udemy, I am happy to support via the Qoto discourse forum.

For more info on the Paignton Code Club please see the About page.

Going further – CodeCademy present a course to explain what a programming language is

If you use a range of providers then you learn skills, perhaps in a different way. Learn what works for you and gain better understanding of topics and yourself.

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European code Week 2020 commences today.

The European Code Weeek is taking place between 10-25th October.

As it is currently ShellCon, from Monday 12th October, I will be posting activities, over the two week period.


FireFox Password Manager

Version 78.3.0esr of the Firefox web browser, that comes with Debian 10, has a new look password manager.

The screenshot below Does NOT contain any sensitive data.

firefox password manager

So unlike the previous version, which had a very basic interface, the new look password manager lists accounts down the side, while the right hand side of the window has the account details, user id and password (masked of course). So a much cleaner interface.

This is much better than the previous version.

You can access the password manager from

Edit —> Preferences —> Privacy and Security (tab) —> Saved Logins

From here you can manage the sites you have saved logins for.

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European code Week 2020

The European Code Weeek is taking place between 10-25th October.

I will be looking to use this to promote the Code Club / South Devon Tech Jam and the related activities.


Online Safety Day

Today there are several events to promote online safety, more details coming soon. However in the meantime there are a few resources below:-