Contributing to the WriteFreely SwiftUI client

I found this opprtunity on Twitter earlier as I follow the WriteAs account.

So to quote the forum topic:

We’re building this as a SwiftUI multiplatform app targeting iOS/iPadOS 14 and macOS 11, coming this fall. This is a totally new way to build apps for Apple platforms, and I’m personally pretty excited by the idea of being able to build apps for three different devices out of a common codebase.

The goal is to launch this on the App Stores in time for the release of iOS 14 and macOS 11. That’s a tight deadline, so we’re limiting the initial scope of the app to a subset of actions that are most important to WriteFreely users:

Read more on the topic here

This could be a good opportunity to anyone familiar with the Swift Programming language or a good reason to take current learning and learn Swift, especially if you want to build apps for IOS / Apple.

This opportunity gives you a chance to Contribute to the WriteFreely SwiftUI client


updated 2/9/2020 : Contacted the Children and young people partnership to promote this opportunity**

Updated 1/9/2020 : I have joined the writeAs discussion forum. So have asked how people can get involved.

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