Covid 19 update 25/9/2020

Today, the Uk Prime minister has announced further restrictions to control the spread of COVID19.

This makes the return of code club in Physical form even LESS LIKELY.

To this end, my intention is to concentrate on what I have been doing, since March, which is to run this virtually.

Adapt, change and simply move forward.

We have access to many online resources for example:-

  • Code Club Materials
  • Free Code Camp
  • This blog, where I have lots of information on opportunities to learn different skills.
  •, is an option for video chat
  • Discourse as a forum, granted we are using an existing forum, but it works, lets use it.
    • Discourse is also used for projects such as WriteAs
  • IRC, especially if you want to get involved with other projects, for example Debian Academy
  • We have an existing Scratch forum, I can set up more
  • Trying to reach out to partner with anti bullying charities

Exeter Pi Jam – October 2020

Exeter Pi Jam

October 3rd, 2020 for the next remote @exeterRaspJam

More details

Sign up today and join the team on Zoom from 10am on Saturday the 3rd.

Outreachy Jan – May 2021

Initial applications for the May 2021 internship cohort will open in late January. Sign up for our announcement mailing list for updates:


Debian Academy

Updated and reposted 23/9/2020

Debian Academy

If you have ever thought about contributing to a free software project, either as a developer, tester, documentation author then you may have thought about how you can get started with this.

The Debian Academy Team ( ) aims to address this by creating a high quality, e-learning platform to focus on “Debian Development topics for those who want to learn how to help as contributor, maintainer or developer in a social or in a technical way directly to the Debian Project”.

There are many advantages to helping out, one is you can gain excellent experience and skills as a developer, learn about project lifecycles, testing, bug fixing for example. This not only looks good on your CV but also can open other opportunities, for example Debian take part in both Google Summer of code [2] and Outreach [3] which offer paid internships. However just helping out should give people a sense of being valued as part of something that is much bigger

There is something for 'everyone' from programming to translation of either software or documentation so hopefully this project will make contributing more accessible to people.

If you would like to get involved or find out more please send an e-mail to You can also join us on Internet Relay Chat via the OFTC network on #debian-academy. [4]



Scratch and Microbit

I found this on Twitter, Written by Anne Carlill.

A guide to getting Scratch to talk to the BBC Micro:bit


Hacking and cyber security courses


This information is provided here, is to link to information on cybersecurity and related issues / resources.

Please see link below to the Computer Misuse Act 2018 so that YOU are clear, with regard to all legal issues around the use of these tools / courses.

Information IS NOT intended, in anyway to be used for malicious or illegal purposes. The penalties are also severe


OccupytheWeb are regular posters on twitter. They link to cyber security courses and information. Which are listed on the Hackers arise website.









How to follow this blog

You can follow this blog by checking back daily or if you are on a ActivityPub enabled fediverse instance, for example, Mastodon, you can follow

** RSS Feed :** *RSS Feed ** Fediverse :**

This blog instance, that I am on, does not, as yet, support e-mail subscriptions. This does seem to be a feature in newer versions of writefreely.

Please check out the Discussion forums at for the latest developments or get involved and help make this platform better. I have previously contributing to the Swift app.

The more people who can run, use and test the platform, report problems (or even if things work fine) the better.


NGINX Kickstart Webinar

Date /Time : Sep 23, 2020 11:00 AM in Dublin

Details here

GS YAY Scholarship

I am on the lookout for learning opportunities to pass on via this blog the following was found on twitter earlier.

Looks really good, as with FreeCodeCamp you also get the all important interview preparation.

#gsyay #girlscript

CodeWeek 2020 Update

We are now listed as an event for EU Code Week 2020. Details here.

So what does this mean?

  • Publicity
  • Activities posted every other day
  • Hopefully more people taking part

I have schedulled some more advanced activities, but started off with a Scratch course, then moved on to a Python Text Adventure game activity.

If anyone is interested please get in touch via the about page.

#codeclub, #coding, #codeweekEU