Mocking python

A really good podcast episode looking at a tool for mocking functions in Python.

This was sent out as part of the from Kushal

If you want to discuss any of these topics, hop on to the Freenode server (IRC), and come to the #learnandteach channel. Or you can find me on fediverse.

February half term Activities

As it is half term this week, I am sending out a few activities. These are from the Computing Unplugged resources. I have also included some links to other activities.

I am undertaking, this as part of the Paignton Library Code Club. Hopefully we can get this going again virtually.

  1. Mind Reading Magic
  2. Binary Challenge
  3. Guess My Number

You will need items such as; Pens, Card, etc to make up the resources. You may need to ask a grown up to help cut card up.



Being safe while online is really important, there is a really good resource here which may help, with activities.


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Coolest project contest

This is the e-mail with info on how to register for this project.


community is coming together for the biggest and best showcase yet! Creators aged up to 18 from all across the globe can now register their tech project ideas for the Coolest Projects online showcase 2021.

Register a project idea today Invite your Code Club members to safely take part from their home in our free, global technology showcase, where we bring together the innovators, engineers, and programmers of the future to share what they're creating with code!

We welcome all ideas, projects, and experience levels! Whatever tech ideas your young people come up with, we want them to register for Coolest Projects.

Here’s what you need to know today:

In the month of February, creators can start the registration process by telling us their initial ideas

Projects do not have to be finished in order to be part of the online showcase

Projects can be registered in one of six categories: Scratch, Web, Games, Mobile Apps, Hardware, and Advanced Programming

You can sign up for Coolest Projects updates at

The last day to register for the Coolest Projects online showcase is 3 May 2021

Over the coming months, we'll host special live sessions to help young creators with their ideas and projects.

And to help you support your Code Club members to take part, Kat and Nuala are running a free online workshop called 'How to design projects with young people'

on 25 February.


to learn more, share this email with your friends to spread the word, and if you have any questions, contact us at

Happy coding!


Zoe Davidson

Programme Coordinator, Code Club Copyright © 2021The Raspberry Pi Foundation, UK registered charity 1129409

All rights reserved.

February Tech Jam

The February Tech Jam will take place on:

Day: Saturday 13th February 2021 Time: 11:00 to 14:00

Scratch programming channel

Back to a few basics for the Code club, a YouTube channel with lots of nice lessons on Scratch.

Remember to stay safe, while on line.

Feel free to share projects with the PaigntonCodeClub2020 studio, please contact the library for info and invites.


Emacs Conference 2020

Less than 1 week till EmacsConf 2020

Emacs logo

EmacsConf2020 takes place on the weekend of 28th and 29th November 2020.

EmacsConf is the conference about the joy of Emacs, Emacs Lisp, and memorizing key sequences.

There will be talks, workshops and discussions. As you would expect free software is used extensively to put the conference together, this includes several IRC channels as well as video streaming.

Below is a flyer, please feel free to download and share, to help spread the word.


Can also be downloaded from here

Further Reading

Learning C & C++

I am following nyarBlaecfell on

Just published :

If you want to try out what you are learning then have a look at

Rocks and Diamonds : Conveyor Belt 3

So carrying on from previous post, building up to a more advanced implementation of this. So this video builds on the first.



Front end Developer

So carrying on, in a similar subject to the previous full stack developer opportunities. Another high demand skill is Front end Developer.

Once again Free Code Camp comes up with the good, a guide to becoming a Front end developer

In fact this article covers becoming 'Front End, Back End, or DevOps Developer'

Again worth checking out, so what is the catch here, you often here people say about free stuff 'if it is too good to be true, it probably is' well free code camp certainly does not fit in that statement, courses are excellent, help and support is also excellent. In fact SwitchUp has a review here

If you are already following Paignton Code Club or the South Devon Tech jam then those of you who are following the Responsive Web Design course are already making the first steps.