Working for an updated app

After some year inactive in the P2play development in this few months I've been worked hard for update all the updated libraries and dependencies of P2play. There is a lot of hard job to do.

Today (16 Mar, 2024) I've upload a big Merge Request with a lot of changes to fix a lot of deprecation's:

With this we going to have a P2play application more stable, fast, and scalable. But is the first step is the beginning.

What is the road-map?

I'm working on my free time to make new features in P2play and I've no time to make P2play more formal. But there is a preview of what to expect in the next versions:




The future

Some ideas that I have but are not planned as a soon are:

Another ideas?

Remember, you can make your request of features on the Gitlab repository:

And you can contact me directly on XMPP and Simplex Chat:

Or on my Mastodon profile: