Release v0.7.0

Hello there! This is a new update!

Today I want to announce the new version of #P2play v0.7.0 that is comming with a lot of new features and a lot of bug fixes!

In this new version you will feel that are using and any normal video application like youtube, newpipe, clipius, etc. With a lot of stability.


2FA login

Now you are able to login to your account with 2FA! Like the web client.

Background player

If you close some video when is playing this will go to background. You are able to control the playback with the android media notification or with the miniplayer in the bottom of the main view.

See and reply threads

In this new version you can see and create threads on the videos.

We have been working hard these past weeks to bring these new features and make P2play a complete application for those who use peertube on a daily basis.