Release P2Play v0.8.1 on F-droid

Today F-droid (finally), has updated their repository. With this, P2Play is updated to the version v0.8.1.

What changes includes?

From v0.8.0 (no released on F-droid): – Added view to watch user profiles – Added download option for videos – Updated exoplayer with a better UI – Added option for select the video speed – Added views responsive. Now is usable on tables and TV – Removed kotlin-extensions deprecated – All dependencies updated – French translation included!

From v0.8.1: – Fix for large devices

With this changes now P2Play is more near to have a stable application without errors and with the most of the basic features of Peertube.

Where can I download P2Play?

You can follow the official releases on:

Or install P2Play from F-droid: