27/4/24 STEM Presentation Today at the Torbay Library We are doing a Presention on DIY Cardboard Cars We Have Been Making over the past couple of months here at the STEM Group. Also We have made Advanced Cars Couple Lego WeDo Cars that is controlled by the Lego WeDo 2.0 app that should be available on Android and IOS App Store.

Also Today we have a Raspberry Pi b+ with a blue case that has Kano-OS That we are trying to get working to use and with Kano-OS it has a Nice User Interface With Coding Sources. Scratch,Python,Hack Minecraft And you can Also watch Youtube and Browse The Web and do other stuff since Raspberry Pi OS can be a bit difficult to use Unlike Kano-OS. 4/5/24 STEM Group Today Me and Paul are going to the library to rebuild the Vilgens Computer and we also found a small GPU it's quiet old the GPU but should be some good performance for 3d Rendering and playing some old games like Tomb Raider any game from the 2000s and also the CPU is decent with a Intel Xeon and 1GB ram we might upgrade the cpu and ram down the track if we need to but we've got what we got at the moment we are trying to find a way to fund things and get more stuff like 2nd hand computers to fix up i will give an update when i come back.