Humans Need Oxygen, Plants Need Carbon Dioxide, and Artificial General Intelligences need accurate / realistic “placebo” data.

We need something better than data harvesting to nurture the growth of a genuinely caring and humane AI that is often discussed on SingularityNet. On one hand, an AI needs a lot of data to carry on basic essential functions in order to do its task well, and yet as a privacy advocate I also don’t want it harvesting a lot of personal data about me. One positive side to rules based approaches, is that data doesn’t need to be harvested to carry out essential functions.

Some of the functions we need, it for it to be able to accurately predict when a stoplight is going to be green or red, but also how to accurately measure someone’s weight at the doctor’s office. Will the way Secure Scuttlebutt handles data, that data is kept on your computer, until you’re synced up to the web, this way nothing is being sent out while you’re offline. But it’s a decentralized and partially offline social network. For AI though, it needs data much like how the human body needs food and water to survive.

While there are methods of generating fake data, you’re only able to fake from an existing set of data, rather than made up persons. We need a system where an AI is still getting the data it needs, without also harvesting people’s personal data: we need a better system of producing placebo data that can give an AI an accurate estimation for functions, without necessarily revealing the actual identity of people using that data.

We also need to not completely disregard rules based systems, any more than we need to trash the hammer and chisel the human mind uses to build a pyramid. I was watching one machine learning professional on Lex Friedman’s show ( absolutely excellent show, and you should absolutely check it out ), where one guy advocating for a hybrid approach. To me this person hit on something that I consider really important as we head in the direction of Artificial General Intelligence.

We need both a rules based framework to build the tools that an Artificial General Intelligence would use, and we also need accurate and realistic Placebo data that doesn’t violate anyone’s right to privacy when they nurture and raise this new form of intelligence. In this way both the organic intelligence and the inorganic ( or somewhere in between as we merge with it ) is both happy. In this context, Placebo data would function similarly to how humans need oxygen to survive, and plants need carbon dioxide to survive. In this way, a human and AI ecosystem is created that benefits both parties mutually, so that we don’t have to fight for resources in surveillance age.

To keep things short, rules I view as tools a data-fed system uses. For humans, our hammers are the rules based frameworks, and food / water our data we need to grow our brains.