Eventual Goals For Saasagi Project

Current Version Of Saasagi can be found here: https://github.com/LWFlouisa/Saasagi-Cell-Auto

Eventually these stand alone cells will be worked into Tesla-Brain-Redux: https://github.com/LWFlouisa/Tesla_Brain_Redux

My project is headed more in the direction of Nano AI simulated systems. I didn't exactly intend that to be the case, but that's how it's turning out the more I tweak the data, and different rules based frameworks.

The current incarnation of Saasagi, while still having the ability to ask the machine questions, and then let it take care of the programming, it can also automatically assemble certain basic subroutines, which I will be gradually expanding on: these are just basic subroutines that cover things from telling time, searching for information, and automatic repository cloning.

Eventually I will also be learning a bit about Poppy Project, the details of which can be found here: https://www.poppy-project.org/en/

The goal is to see if I can create a robot brain that's closer to an elaborate network of Ruby or Python Script cells, and have each cell control the behaviour of the robot.

The auto assembler would need to automatically write routines that controls the robots behaviour, and not the command line, which will be somewhat of a change for me. But ultimately I think the change will be worth it.

But there needs to be a simpler way to develop subroutines for robots, without having to explicitely code each and every subroutine. Simply give it the right information, and the machine can program itself.