As A Set Up

If the ultra left wants to continue to be relevant to trans women, and not completely written off as the emotional abusers they are, they need to stop allowing white men to hijack trans issues, and allow non trans people to lecture trans women about being transphobic against it self. This includes people like Rose Of Dawn and Blaire White, among other trans youtubers. As it stands, the ultra left is not even less credible to me than they were just a few months ago, when they were trying to wrap around working in Artificial Intelligence with political correctness.

In the Ultra Left, there are some extreme emotional, psychological, and physical abusers they are basically given a free pass to the abusive assholes they were, do to the power vaccuum that exists within anarchism. People that would ordinarily be weeded out in activist circles, are allowed to basically operate completely without sanction within the trans community, because a small amount of people are able to hijack trans issues, and make it into a cause it was never designed to be involved with: about economic issues.

While it is true that trans women tend to generally be poorer than non trans women, this is not an excuse to go completely in the opposite direction in politics, and basically allow for cis white people to dictate the control of conversation. This also includes people whom call themselves non-binary, where most of the time actually cis women who dye their hair a fancy hair color. And when I say stuff like this, guess who is usually pointing the finger at me, and misusing words with actual historical meaning at me?

Correct, these same cis white men and women, that make trans issues into something that it was never meant to be. The ultra left also needs to end its violent obsession with state violence, through the mechanism of the Mechanical Decapitation, unless they’re willing to admit that they in fact have never cared about disallowing for state power after all, and in fact simply use Anarchism as an excuse to give LGBT people emotional abuse they would not otherwise be subjected to.

You have people cancelling even people like contrapoints, even though she is probably more left-wing than most people IRL who call themselves Non-Binary, in the almost never chance that you will ever even find someone who calls themselves that outside of ultra-left circles, whom usually are just cis white people wanting to misappropriate trans spaces.

It is also a misconception that the ultra left only cancels you if you have done something wrong; this is the image their PR firm has created that doesn't actually match reality: in practice ( I refuse to use obscure old words ) they have already planned your cancellation from the moment you join the Ultra Left. In this way, they are likely an abusive mainstream Manga Press like Shounen jump, than they are a valid form of leftism.

The Choices This Gives Me

The only choices this gives me, is to basically operate my video streaming on alternative choices, that are not centralized, and not prone to the same kind of power vacuum hijacking that seems to be prevalent on the ultra left. For me I split time between one Peertube server, and for more controversial content I tend to use Streamanity.

After all, if you’re just going to dislike my video anyway, no matter how much work I put into the thing, I think it’s fair to have to pay for the experience of having to watch the entire video. Sometimes this might mean only using Streamanity to host my content, when it might be to controversial for peertube. Sometimes they will arbritrarily reduce your video quota, usually channels that are forced to appease this non appeaseable left.

I have also started keeping tract of channels that used to claim to be Unlimited Servers, because I honestly cannot trust Peertube enough to keep having things like unlimited video quota, which makes having a video channel almost impossible unless you get lucky and find a platform that both has an unlimited quota, and they wont arbrutrarily restrict it do to idealogical reasons.

Whenever a place says they can restrict unlimited quota basically at a will, this doesn’t mean what you think it means. What this is basically saying is that you simply cannot trust the word of a Peertube host. This is already directed at a community that is vulnerable anyway, do to the ultra left misrepresenting trans issues, and using words that were never designed for them. What it basically is doing is extended the trauma that was already unnecessary to experience to begin with.

Stop bashing people who use bitcoin, sometimes this is the only way to set proper social boundaries, when the ultra left basically has no current limitations placed on their arbitrary behaviour they just as frequently use against trans people as they do fighting for our rights.