Another days passes and I'm seeing some benefit in using writing and community as an outlet. I've took to thinking about writing some short fiction, something I've taken to thinking about a few times now.

As ever, I'm preparing to write rather than writing!

During this preparation, I took a look at the submission pages of various literary journals and – my lord – how pretentious they can be! You should be blessed to give them your free and exclusive content and, on occasion, pay for the privilege.

This got me thinking a little about the difference between writing for yourself, and writing for an audience. This blog here, in honesty, isn't particularly for people to read and comment on (though it is certainly appreciated). It's an outlet for my thoughts and feelings, to make sure they have somewhere to go and be processed.

Writing for an audience seems a whole different ball game. I can't see how, what starts out as a creative endeavour, can't help but end up as a technical and formulaic process designed to maximise audience happiness. Much less about what it gives the author, much more about giving the people what they want.

It's something I'm thinking about exploring, anyway. The more immediate concern is a first therapy session tomorrow. The 50 minutes won't cover much ground, little do they know.