How to Write a Concept


The concept is prepared in a free order. Everything depends on the author's own experience: both professional and research, based on literary sources and data from his own research.


You can write the concept in the above order: from relevance to future content. At each stage, typical aspects will have to be worked out. For example, when describing relevance, examine available sources to confirm the fundamental value and relevance of the study. Or the labor market, the demands of specialists, etc., to justify the applied value of a Ph.D. thesis.


Preparing the concept of a PhD thesis can take a lot of time. But the effort will pay off in the near future. Since the document will avoid annoying, but fatal mistakes, due to which a significant part of the material will have to be rewritten if not prepared from scratch.


Often, when preparing the concept of a Ph.D. thesis, logically following a well-developed line, the author comes to unexpected conclusions: he refutes or confirms his own thoughts, words. Thanks to a careful study of the structure, it becomes possible to avoid any mistakes and speed up the process of creating a final version of the work.


Average volume, and what to do with the concept after preparation


On average, the concept of a Ph.D. thesis takes from 5 to 7 pages of A4 text. This is not much, but it may take up to several weeks to work out all aspects of the document, since this is the framework for future research material. In the work itself, it remains only to expand the basic provisions and describe the results of your work.


Preparatory activities also include an assessment of the developed concept by the supervisor. Do not disregard his opinion. An experienced scientist will look at the created document from the outside, help to better formulate the provisions and directions of research. Remove all unnecessary, unsuccessful theses, narrative elements and other points. The concept should always be at hand. If doubts arise about the narrative, it is necessary to compare what is written with the created document and eliminate the contradictions.


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