A sandbox that lacks open PvP is not any much less a sandbox for that than, say, a sci-fi recreation that lacks ambulatory characters, an area opera that launches without area ships, or a ability-based fantasy MMO whose strained servers auto-teleport players away from high-pop roleplaying occasions. I have been in Taint for about every week now, and I'm hoping to apply for each a raid spot and a PvP spot with my blood elf warrior as soon as she hits 85, and maybe one or more of my three pre-current level 80s. I actually even linked to that Drama Mamas edition in my Taint application! After you have got actual life again so as, scheduled your time extra correctly and gotten into an established routine that efficiently balances obligations with leisure activities (it could take a number of tries), then you'll be able to change some of your leisure time with WoW time. There are a lot of vocal individuals who seem to be very unhappy, even with all of these enjoyable adjustments coming up in the following few weeks — or because of among the adjustments. We don't know. There's speculation that each continent is a separate server, and that the cases are divide up onto a number of servers as properly.