Tuesday, 13 Oct 2020

Parama Ekadashi

  1. Stayed home in self-isolation
  2. Hang out on IRC and Tox
  3. Updated journal
  4. Browsed 9gag
  5. Streamed 3 sessions on Tilderadio
  6. Updated gopher
  7. Browsed HackerNews
  8. Updated blog
  9. Browsed Raddle.me


I've decided to cool things off on IRC. I've been getting a feeling that some people don't like me. And it just feels so weird hanging out around them. Like when I say hi to someone and they don't reply. But they respond to someone else's chats. So I look like a fool because I'm being ignored on purpose and everyone can see it. Ignoring someone is one way of letting them know they're not welcome. I've realized IRC has a lot of rules about being nice. But people are not really nice. They're just pretending to be nice. I know a pretender when I see one. And I can't stand those. “Oh look everyone! I'm so nice and popular! And secretly, I'm also a hater!

So maybe I'm not the most charismatic guy in the world. So maybe I swear and get too familiar and friendly around people. So maybe I get too personal around people. Maybe I'm just annoying and a little rough on the edges. Maybe I'm a little – what do they say – unconventional? But I keep it real 100% of the time. I'm pretty open and vocal and straightforward and honest. You want to know who I am? Do a little research and everything about me is in the open. I'm not hiding a bunch of super secret crap or evil intentions.

See IRC folks like to pretend everyone's so posh and civilized. But when you scroll through the chat you'll see they're just normal folks with different quirks. The difference is, some people will be accepted and regarded on high grounds. While some will be rejected as uncouth idiots.

If you wanna treat me like some f-ing idiot you better prove you're better than me. Just because you're good at some nerd stuff and you've established some following over the years doesn't make you better than me. If you're good at something, I may be good at other things too. As a matter of fact, I may be quite good at a number of things, including the things you're good at. If you don't ask, you may never know. I'm not going to brag about all my accomplishments on the internet. Neither am I going to list all my skills and talents for everyone to judge.

So yeah. I think I hang out too much on IRC and got on too many nerves. I don't wanna get kicked out for some bs reason. I like to have a little fun around people. The last thing I need is some uptight high and might folks calling me a prick for a bunch of jokes and light-hearted chatter. You wanna call me a prick? I'd have shown you a prick 5 years ago. When I didn't give a damn about rules and regulations and community policies and all that crap. And I would've gone way out of line just to step on your foot and stomp on your gonads. But I'm a changed man. And I don't think the world appreciates changed men because everyone is just so sensitive these days. People are willing to lecture you for half an hour about saying the right pronouns and assuming genders and not calling people stupid because that's offensive to stupid people.

Didn't I talk about that a few weeks ago? Somebody got p!ssed because I said Trump was stupid or something and decided to lecture me on using the correct sentences to describe Donald Trump's behavior instead of using the word “stupid”. Can you believe this sh!t? 'Cause I cannot believe this sh!t. Imagine getting banned from some website for calling someone stupid. “Dear isvarahparamahkrsnah, We are sorry to inform you that you have been banned for calling Donald Trump stupid.” Okay. But aren't you a left-wing forum? You guys are antifa right? You hate Trump and all that sh!t? “Yes, but calling Trump stupid is a violation of our terms and policies. The word stupid has been used to inappropriate blah blah blah...”

It's okay to have mass riots and protests during a pandemic. It's okay to burn small shops and loot small business owners. It's okay to throw stones at people who are cheering you on for “Black Lives Matter” and showing you their support. And it is praiseworthy and upvoteworthy to plan and discuss these activities online and show your support for them. Because you are the smartest and the brightest bulb in the box. But if someone says Coronavirus came from China, oh no no no! That's racist! That's sinophobia! How dare you?

This is what the world has come to. You have to watch every single word you say and every single sentence you speak because you never now what might offend somebody.

There's so much hypocrisy and nonsense going on, it's overbearing. I don't think I'm cut out for that kind of crap. I'm just too straightforward not to notice a bunch of bullsh!t when I see one.

I think I'm looking forward to the day when I can host my own servers and websites and forums and social networks where sensible people can speak facts without any fear. Because a lot of social media networks these days have decided to censor the facts and hide the truth just to avoid offending people. If you know me, I'm all about the facts. Just because I believe in a cause doesn't mean I'll keep my mouth shut and follow along like some blind retard when I see things heading the wrong direction. I've spoken facts about religion, politics, socialism, human rights and everything else. And I'm going to keep these facts coming.

Okay, what's going on with Covid-19? Argentina crossed 900K. Had I mentioned that already? Sweden crossed 100K. India's numbers keep fluctuating. I don't know what's going on. One day the numbers rise, the next day, they fall.

I saw some article about some Covid-19 survivors saying they felt like they were having dementia or something. Didn't get to read the article because it was taking too long to load. Anyway, this is some super scary stuff. The year's almost finishing up and scientists have still not fully discovered or analyzed the effects of the virus on the human body. There is no vaccine yet – just a bunch of trials from Putin the bluffmaster – and no cure in sight.