Thursday, 15 Oct 2020

  1. Stayed home in self-isolation
  2. Hang out on IRC and Tox
  3. Updated journal
  4. Browsed 9gag
  5. Streamed 3 sessions on Tilderadio
  6. Browsed Reddit; /r/privacy/new
  7. Browsed
  8. Browsed the homies' blogs


xfnw has tried blogging. It's a good attempt for someone who doesn't speak much. I've made it a point to check out everyone's blogs on a daily basis. Hisacro just made his first blog post. Noice.

Everyone is finally transiting from IRC to tox.

The world just crossed 39M cases and 1.1M deaths. France has crossed 800K. Israel crossed 300K. The Netherlands crossed 200K.