Saturday, 21 Nov 2020

  1. Stayed home in self isolation
  2. Hang out on IRC
  3. Streamed 3 sessions on Tilderadio
  4. Browsed 9gag
  5. Browsed YouTube videos; lukeafk
  6. Checked email
  7. Updated site


I found this YouTuber guy lukeafk who posted a bunch of videos trolling on zoom. This is so far the funniest content I've watched this month. I saw some other zoom trolling videos and they all suck. Even some guys with millions of subs and views made some cringe videos. And I scrolled down the comments to see posts like “Oh my God! You're so funny!” What a load of crap! The number one rule to this world is this: Never be a fanboy. Yes, you are allowed to like someone and be their biggest fan. But you shouldn't worship them and gobble all their crappy trash as well. That just means you're stupid.

I've never been a fanboy. I like people based on their personality and content. That doesn't mean I'm going to like every single thing about them. I enjoyed Casey Neistat's videos when he was daily vlogging. His recent videos since he moved to Cali? Yeah, well, they're alright. But the NY videos were the real deal. I like Sara Dietschy's vlog-style tech reviews, where she's able to get out and about. So for example, if she's doing a camera review, I'll watch it. But if she's sitting in her office reviewing a laptop, eh? I'm going to skip it. I think tech reviews should be kept at 10 mins or less. Nothing longer than that. Be brief. Show us the specs and hardware features. We'll figure out the rest. And those are just two examples. Anyway, this journal showcases who my favorite YouTubers are, based on how often I watch them.

There was a long discussion on IRC regarding my whereabouts. I enjoyed the conversation. But one homie was upset that I'd kept some stuff hidden. Basically I never corrected anyone who made some assumptions about me. I think I've shared enough about myself online. I've been on the internet for a while now and I know the dangers of revealing too much personally identifiable information. I just chatted with someone yesterday regarding a similar issue.

I will be taking a break until after 2021, will get a new nickname This one has been leaked to ..... sadly I am deleting all messages and then deleting all accounts I will need a bit of time, a break may help my mental state

This is someone that I barely know. We've only chatted a few times and they've already been cyber-bullied to the extent of deleting their accounts twice. The danger is real folks. Know whom to trust. Don't reveal unto someone unless they reveal unto you. And if you think they're a shady person, just block them, cut all contact and move on.

I've met all sorts of people on the internet. I've dealt with them head-on. I was never afraid. You really have to be a good judge of character before trusting someone on the internet. Personally, I would never trust someone who uses Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Discord. If you use any of these, you have no threat model. You're open to social engineering by anyone. Thus, my connection to you puts me at risk of having my information leaked by you. For my #lounge homies reading this, now you know why I haven't revealed everything to you.