Saturday, 20 Feb 2021

A few days ago, one of the brahmacaris called me. This was the guy that I'd been expecting a call from; the one I'd given up on.

When I finally gave up waiting for his call, and I realized that he wasn't a real homie, and I'd accepted the fact and moved on, he called me. And this point, I had nothing to say to him. After all these months of absence, he'd noticed that I was gone. And so he called me, wanting to know why. Now why would I tell him? Why would I share my story with someone who isn't a real friend?

Y'know it's pointless talking to these people. You talk to one guy, waste your time telling him everything, and then you gotta talk to another guy, waste more time telling him everything. So you keep repeating yourself, but no one's doin' anything. There is no coordination when it comes to handling problems. So if you do have a problem, good luck with that – it ain't getting fixed.

It's easy to be fooled into thinking that someone actually cares for you. When in reality, THEY DON'T.

Here's how ISKCON works: There's a group of preachers working for the top management. These are the friendly extroverts who will notice you first, make eye contact and smile, and later, walk up to you and start a conversation. You're talking to the hawks.

What's your name? Where do you live? Do you work? Where do you work? Do you go to school? What are you studying? Are you single? Married? In a relationship? How's that working for ya? And then, why don't you come up for some prasadam?

The hawks are fishing for information. They're building a profile – your profile. They're gathering data, processing it, and analyzing it to make a judgement call – what's your worth? What are you worth to the organization? Are you a musician? Are you an intellectual? Are you a rich bastard? Are you a good worker?

The hawks report to the eagles. The top management, the leaders, the men in power, are the eagles. The eagles are typically found in offices and vyasasanas. Unlike the hawks, they're always accompanied by some servant. These are the men responsible for the direct growth of the organization – procuring big donations, lunch with VIPs, meetings with officials and so on. They could either be introverts/extroverts depending on who you are. They decide if you're fit to be in the organization. The eagle decides whether you're in or out. A collision with an eagle, is a terrible terrible idea.

And then, there's the vultures. I saved the worst for the last. The vultures don't give a damn who you are, what you do, or nothin'. These are the individuals who'll approach you with a bunch of books on the streets. Don't buy 'em. The vultures have only one goal – sell books, make money. They don't care if you're rich or poor or too busy to read the damn book. Unlike the hawks, the vultures don't want to know you. They don't care if you read the books or not. They don't care whether you join the organization or not. That's none of their concerns. If you got hit by a bus, near a vulture, they'd still try to sell you a book, while you were being strapped by the paramedics.

ISKCON's primary concern is this: What can you bring to the table? That's why the hawks spend time doing research on your background. They're looking for your weakness. And if you don't have one, they'll be happy to give you one! That's called preaching. The stupid vultures wouldn't know nothing about that. When they've found your weakness, they'll use it to hook you into the organization. That's the basis of every religion. Got a problem? They've got the solution! Are you sad and depressed? Krsna Consciousness is the answer! Are you single and lonely? Krsna Consciousness is the answer! Is your marriage broken? Spouse problems? Krsna Consciousness is the answer! Health issues? Laying on your death bed? Krsna Consciousness is the answer! Are you broke? Poor? Homeless? Krsna Consciousness is the answer! Are you filthy rich and don't know how to spend your money? Krsna Consciousness is the answer!

You can think of every possible problem in this world – including natural disasters – they've only got one solution for you: Krsna Consciousness! So join ISKCON, chant 16 rounds, follow the 4 regs and be happy!

Once you're hooked into the organization, they'll begin to train you. In order to be one of them, you gotta learn how to be like 'em. At the same time, you'll be introduced to other members in the organization, make new friends and find a new life.

But your new life will be short-lived if you prove to be a useless donkey. You gotta be worth something to them. Are you giving them donations? Are you bringing in new members? Are you doing any services for them? What is your worth to ISKCON?

And the entire time, you'll be trained to be a good dog. You'll sit when they tell you to sit, and stand where they tell you to stand. You gotta be humble. BE HUMBLE! BE HUMBLE! BE HUMBLE! Trnad api sunicena Taror api sahisnuna

You gotta recite those verses every morning buoy! And you have to learn the meaning of those slokas. You have to remember them every single moment of the day, until you're meek and humble. Like a good dog.

A good dog barks at strangers, and protects it's masters. That's exactly what you'll be doing in ISKCON.

And then when you're old, and frail, and useless, with no home, no money, no energy, absolutely nothing, they'll discard you like used toilet paper.

Y'know what the saddest part is? The one where most ISKCON sheep don't realize the truth until it's too damn late. And by then, they can neither save themselves, nor do anything to help themselves. Everyone thinks the stories on the internet are just a bunch of lies coming from evil ex-members filled with hatred. Until it happens to them of course. You can be silent and complacent with the problems in ISKCON right now. But you won't be so when you're the one facing these problems. And then you'll pro'bly end up killing yourself or somethin' because there won't be nowhere else to go; nothing more to live for.