Saturday, 17 Oct 2020

  1. Stayed home in self-isolation
  2. Hang out on IRC and Tox
  3. Updated journal
  4. Browsed 9gag
  5. Streamed 2 sessions on Tilderadio
  6. Browsed
  7. Browsed the homies' blogs
  8. Pickup
  9. Browsed YouTube videos; MKBHD, Mrwhosetheboss, Ally Law
  10. Updated gopher
  11. Cleaned the top floor


xfnw hasn't blogged for 5 days. If he doesn't blog tomorrow I'll consider him an occasional blogger.

Hisacro came online today. nxnja was absent today.

Went out to get some paintings framed. Since I haven't gone to the temple in over a month, I think it's time I turned my room into one. I'm going to hang up 3 large paintings and remove the 4 small ones. There's plans to frame the smaller ones as well. So this is a nice project. Looking back at Aindra prabhu's room design, mine seems pretty regular. But that's the theme. When I sit in my room and look around, I want to feel the same vibes as one would inside a temple.

Got a call from one of the temple devotees but I didn't pick up. Quite frankly I think I've lost the desire to associate with them after my last experience.

Xi Jinping was discovered coughing violently during a televised speech. Why do all these sinful world leaders get sick but never suffer and die painful miserable deaths? A country is only as good as it's leader. If the leader is a corrupt crook, then the citizens will be no better. An apple does not fall far from the tree.

Some French teacher was beheaded by his 18 year old muslim student for saying something about Islam in his class.

South Africa crossed 700K. Belgium crossed 200K. Sweden and Guatemala crossed 100K.