Saturday, 13 Feb 2021

I was thinking about some things in religion this morning, that make absolutely no sense. For example, betel nuts. I never knew what betel nuts really were until I visited India for the first time. I'd read about them, in the Krsna book, when I was a young child. I didn't know what they were. I didn't think that he scriptures would have any controversies that should make people question them, or think them through.

In the 10th Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam, you will come across stories of Krsna being offering betel nuts after his meal. Or Krsna chewin' betel nuts and putting 'em in the gopis' mouths. In the Caitanya Caritamrta, you'll come across passages of Nityananda Prabhu chewing betel nuts.

Betel nuts are a common offering used in demigod worship in India.

So, do some research into betel nuts. What are they? Then come back here.

My question is this: Why is Krsna chewing betel nuts? Has anyone thought about this? Has anyone asked why God is chewing betel nuts while his religion bans the consumption of all intoxicants, INCLUDING BETEL NUTS? What is the explanation behind this? Could some religious conman come up with a logical explanation that doesn't involve “divine lilas” or “He's God. He can do whatever he wants!” or some sort of bullshit?

The first time I ever questioned religion was when an Indian boy in my junior school came up to me and said, “Krsna was shot with an arrow by a hunter and he died.” And I said, that's not true! That can't be true! But he showed me a book, which confirmed that statement. But it wasn't a book from ISKCON, so I was skeptical to believe that. A few years later, when I was finally able to get my hands on Srimad Bhagavatam from the temple, I flipped through the books to find the passage where Krsna is shot by a hunter and dies. And the text there is very vague. It was so vague, that it didn't answer my question, at all.

Why do religious texts have to be so damn vague when it comes to the questionable stuff? Has anyone wondered about this? Why do the scriptures go into the details of so much irrelevant stuff, and completely ignore the things that matter the most, as if they don't matter at all?

The first time that I ever came across incomprehensible nonsense was when I read the Holy Bible. I was a small kid, marvelling at the text from the Books of Wisdom and Proverbs. Then I decided to check out the Book Of Revelation for a quick description of hell. And all I could grasp from it was eternal fire and buring in hell and some vague stuff about horses and all that bullshit. Where is the description of hell? Where is the clear-cut explanation of what happens when a man dies, the protocols used to judge him, and a quick overview of how he is punished? The Srimad Bhagavatam explains that, FYI. But the Bible, was too secretive. All that text and I couldn't figure out what the fuck the author was going on about. I skipped the Book of Revelation. I couldn't read it. Nothing made sense.

And this is the point where religions will jump in and tell you to get a teacher! Or listen to the preacher! Or surrender to some guru who will reveal the secret knowledge to you! I don't want to surrender to nobody to understand things that should be transparently clear fro the very beginning! How 'bout that? I'm not going to worship no guru, I'm not going to be fondled by some preacher and I'm most definitely, not going to wait for several years for that information to be revealed to me. These are the tactics used by religious men when they don't know what the fuck they're talking about. They'll pitch you with some nonsense about the scriptures only being understood by “divine men” and they'll con you and take advantage of you, and waste your time and energy. I don't want no dick up my ass before I can figure out what it was that God really meant. No thank you pastor! I think I'm going to stay away from you for my personal safety!

All I'm saying is, if the scriptures can provide detailed explanations on stuff that we don't care about, then they should provide an explanation on things that we do care about. But there is none given! Absolutely none! It's like the things that matter to us don't matter to the author. And the things that mattered to the author, sounds like a big bunch of bullshit when we read it.

So why does Krsna eat betel nuts, while his devotees don't? Meanwhile, every atheist in India chews the hell out betel nuts and colors the entire nation with it. If you visit India, pay attention to the walls, and the stairways and practically everywhere, even on the streets; you'll notice some Indian creep chewing betel nuts and then spitting the stuff everywhere. This is a typical Indian tradition – and now you know where it comes down from!

Krsna eats betel nuts. But he doesn't eat onions. It's okay to get cancer, but it's not okay to be a lil “passionate” after a meal.

Krsna dances around in the middle of the night with a bunch of married women, kissing them and doing all that stuff, but his religions don't want any of us doing that stuff! Well, at least in theory. The reality is that a lot of gurus are sexual deviants that do a lot of kinky stuff with people's wives. And ISKCON has practically banned all discussion on the rasa lila events. It is not for the mortal man to understand. You need to be “pure” and “advanced” to be able to grasp these things. And if you want to understand these things, you have to read some fictional stuff that some guru wrote hundreds of years ago, explaining away all the “divine pastimes” of the Lord.

I will not apologize for my skepticism at this point. A typical ISKCON prude will read this text and classify it as blasphemy and that I have “fallen down”. Have I really? Or am I asking all the right questions that you have no clear logical answers to?

Religion has no logic. There is absolutely no logic in religious texts whatsoever. That's the fundamental problem. The more you think about it, the more questions arise in your mind. So you're told to stop thinking about these stuff – just surrender to a guru! And he will open your eyes with “divine knowledge”. Will he really? Or is he going to use word-jugglery to dupe me and then close the case?

Most people never really question religion until they've seen some really wierd shit. They keep thinking everything's okay and everything's perfect until one day, an axe of realization drops down on their faith.

ISKCON will tell you very clearly that in order to understand the scriptures, you need a guru, and you should have full faith in the scriptures in order to understand them. How can one have full faith in the scriptures when they're so evasive? Are you asking me to blindly believe everything is true, in order to understand that it's true? Sounds a bit of a paradox, ain't it?