Friday, 20 Nov 2020

  1. Stayed home in self isolation
  2. Hang out on IRC
  3. Streamed 3 sessions on Tilderadio
  4. Browsed 9gag
  5. Browsed YouTube videos; Dave Lee, Mark Dohner, Adelia Clark
  6. Checked email


Hang out with the homies. Quite a long chat. Two of them lectured me for demanding they buy me a go pro and a laptop. LOL It's all good fun. I do want a go pro and a new laptop. But I don't expect someone from the internet to buy me those. That's insane.

On the same note, one of them gave me a hearing for mentioning that I might monetize my YouTube channel if I ever created one.

Truth is, I'm not comfortable around money. My entire lifestyle has been centered around simplicity and minimalism. How can I live without money? Is it possible to live without money?

Y'know I've noticed this trend on YouTube, where a lot of these YouTubers keep asking people to like and subscribe, buy their merchandise, join their fan clubs and pay premium for VIP content and so on. The biggest YouTubers do it. And the small ones are catching up. Then there's these YouTubers who only post videos when there's some sponsor so they could advertise some crappy product to their viewers. As soon as they've gathered enough subscribers and a fan base, they sit back and wait for sponsors to make videos. I'm not going to mention these folks. There's just too many of them. But you know who they are. Why does YouTube only have to be a job for income?

I'm always on the lookout for genuine YouTubers who post videos about things they're actually passionate about and care about; not just to make money. And I've found them. I know there are many more. These are the real deal. People like Ally Law, Usamalama, Dylan Rhodes... their videos aren't about making money. They're about documenting their passion. And that's just another level. I have no problem with these folks monetizing their videos, asking people to like and subscribe or buying their merch. They don't just show up once a month or 2 months to showcase some sponsored crap. They're living life to the fullest. And their videos make the viewers want to watch more. Remember Casey Neistat back when he was daily vlogging? That was real passion. Back when he didn't even monetize his videos. He just vlogged and posted EVERY SINGLE DAY. That's what I want to see. It doesn't have to be daily vlogs. Make it weekly or monthly. But deliver your passion. Don't try to sell some audible book or some other crap.

So there's my take on that. I think I should make a blog post about the topic, but that'll be done some other day. Until then