Friday, 16 Oct 2020

  1. Stayed home in self-isolation
  2. Hang out on IRC and Tox
  3. Updated journal
  4. Browsed 9gag
  5. Streamed 3 sessions on Tilderadio
  6. Browsed
  7. Browsed the homies' blogs
  8. Pickup
  9. Browsed YouTube videos; Casey Neistat, MKBHD, Dave Lee
  10. Updated gopher


I got a centipede bite on my right foot and some insect bite on my left arm. Been 3 – 4 days now. And I'm tired of the itching.

Hisacro didn't come online today. nxnja joined tox.

Protests in Thailand against their “king”. Kyrgyzstan president has resigned.

China is taking over the world. It's assimilating all it's surrounding neighbor countries.