Why a Computer Class Should Include Technology? AI and computer science have been evolving together for several decades now. AI is no longer just a science fiction concept, but it has become an everyday reality that we’re gradually adapting to. The main idea of this section is that AI and computer science are not new concepts anymore, but they're changing our lives in every aspect. Lesson Plans | Book Reviews | Spotlight on Books | A Closer Look at the Edutainment and Learning Games of the Future This section is dedicated to the lessons plans, book reviews, and spotlight on books. The first use case is with the teachers of kindergarten or elementary school who assign reading material to their students. Another use case for book reviews is for authors or publicists who want to get feedback about their book from the target audience. A Closer Look at the Edutainment and Learning Games of the Future: The games industry has always been at the forefront of technological innovation. Education Technology & Artificial Intelligence in Classrooms – Automated Learning and E-Learning We are on the verge of a new era in education, a time when machines have started to learn. As technology continues to grow, there is a need for an education system that is ready to meet this change. This can be achieved by leveraging AI in classrooms and making learning more interactive, personalized and engaging. Automated learning systems allow teachers to provide personalized learning for every student. This is done by using VR headsets and computer-generated environments that present real-time data about their students' needs and progress, which helps in increasing engagement levels among students as well as teachers. Does Education Need to Be Science-Based? The question of whether or not education needs to be science-based is a controversial one. In order for society to survive, education needs to stay relevant and updated. However, making it more progressive does not have to make it more scientific. In the future, advancements in technology will help us advance in new ways – especially in educational settings. One of these advancement includes the use of advanced robotics technology by K-12 students and educators alike.