jam time.

approximately 36 hours until the deadline for Never Alone Jam. let's pretend i think i'm going to have a decent draft ready by then! i have ... a draft ... but as usual, it turned into a bigger project than is reasonable and i'm still unsure where i want to make cuts. the thing i'm working on is Greenbelts & Gardens, a set of family-friendly games/rituals designed to facilitate spiritual connection with nature while living in a city. i want to hand-publish it as a zine eventually ... so that's why it's not finished.

i'm also plateauing. it's no longer a free slide down a greased hill like it always is at first when i get this into learning a thing. suddenly i have to push myself and that takes a lot more energy than i sometimes know to budget for. i refuse to get burnt out on game design though. it's too important. so i stepped back a bit, and that's another reason i'm not finished. spoon assigning is important too. i'd rather sit back and wait to develop something good over time than push myself past healthy to get out something mediocre.

oh also i started playing in a Dungeon World campaign! it's the first time i've ever played an RPG with strangers through voice chat and i was terrified, but it was really fun and i'm super invested now. if you like campaign journals, i'm keeping mine on a separate blog here under my same account. apparently this system and this mode of playing let me take way better notes than i do when running D&D, so that's rad.

i'm finally settling into a regular job schedule as well, so that should lend some stability to my internet and work habits soon, and maybe even let me buy y'all's games finally.

still taking a break from twitter but i'll be back tomorrow night when the jam ends. much love