Holy shit!! Holy compost pile horse manure!!! It's really hard to write down everything that happens when things are happening!

I started that new job they offered me. It's not a very often thing, but when we go, we go.

WE WENT THROUGH A PORTAL AND STOLE A MAGIC STATUE FROM A GIANT SNAKE. AND THE GIANT SNAKE TRIED TO EAT ME BUT I BLOCKED IT WITH MY MACE. We escaped on this rad vine that the alchemist made sprout out of the ground instantly, it just sort of grew up out of the pit with us riding on it??? The snake messed up the statue though, it used to be able to prevent all injury in its vicinity apparently but now it just makes it less. That's really cool. We're gonna use it to protect the Hub.

I feel really weird about taking the statue away from another place where people were probably using it. I don't like that. But we do need to protect our home too. I just hope nobody comes looking for it.

All of that was a while ago. We got paid for doing that job and I had a shield inlaid to match my mace and embossed with the Crone's flowers. Nobody's come for the statue yet.

I started back up again doing work at the poverty clinic, like I was before I got selected. I have time again now that my studies have tapered off. And now, I have help from my new colleagues! Luke has started bringing me deliveries of medicines from Pipette's atelier. I'm still a little spooked after seeing what some of these vials can do, but now I've seen the medicines' potency as well, and I'm so grateful. The improved turnaround time on pneumonia cases alone is astounding, and the zinc salve I've been giving out for boot rash has every mercenary in town at my door. I've been hard at work too, building a garden of herbs in each windowbox of the clinic so we don't have to send to market for as many things. One of the children comes through to water them daily when I'm out on a job, usually Ardwin or Melisend.

I hope this is the beginning of greater friendship between the dwarven quarter and the rest of the Hub. We could really use it, all of us.

ALIGNMENT: Good — I will endanger myself to aid others.