Wow, some of those people were so drunk that I even felt it.

That was fun though. I do now understand why humans have these rituals — it's nothing like anything we have in dwarven culture because dwarven culture is not about opening up to other cultures. Either you fit in here or you don't. Humans might be the first ones dead of curiosity in a slasher play, but you couldn't ever accuse them of not living their short lives to the fullest. We like to rag on them for it, but it's at times like these when they really shine. Always the life of the party. I've never seen energy like that in a mead hall.

I learned how to bluff! I can't believe it. I, Sigrid Luthgard, managed to fool somebody and take their money. They got me back the next round. But that was fun. It's kind of like acting.

I met some really cool people too. There was a big talking dog! I know there are a lot of different types of folk in the Hub, but I don't get out of the house much. I had not yet met a talking dog before. He's very nice. There were a lot of humans there, a couple of them were with the dog and they said they were all mercenaries together. One had a cool floating lantern. Another one had hair a color that I don't even know the name of. They were really nice too. Two of them weren't drinking but one of them got very drunk and told me about something I think they weren't supposed to.

There's another gate!!! There's a ninth gate under the Hub. And it isn't closed. And it goes to different places. And these people work for an organization that supervises it. AND THEY OFFERED ME A JOB.

Well, they sort of had to, I think, because they told me by accident. But it's perfect! What better way to “Be among the people” than by going to different worlds? At first they thought maybe I wasn't strong enough. So I showed them I was by healing someone there who had their arm in a cast. That made me really tired but they thought it was cool and offered me a job. So that was worth it. I'm going tomorrow to see the gate!

I'm really nervous. But I think it'll be fun.