Circus Acts

"the things we do for art"

7.23.22, 4:32 pm

so i'm plotting my escape from the stultifying set of relationships that define my life right now. i'm a closet system host, and we're currently working on writing an analytical journal together. the work has been slow but once we get the ball rolling we figure that the journal will have a lifespan of about a year and a half. five Issues and some 8 or so sub-projects from our various members.

the thing about it is that while the four members of our system, myself included, are the only writers and editors for the journal, nobody else knows we inhabit the same body. they wouldn't take it well. they wouldn't understand us. and they've gotten pretty damn close to figuring us out before and have really shook us the hell up sometimes but we have a way with words that keeps them off our trail i guess.

so our journal will run for about a year and a half, and ideally, nobody will be any wiser about our nature from start to end. we can all maintain our own identities, our own individual lives, without anyone treating us different or being opposed to us or tainting our relationships.

after the journal ends? home free. we'll assume our new identities. i've been plotting this out for a couple hours tonight. i'm playing with a new name. i think i'll be..

..Jude Pariah ~~