Whew it's been a while since I last wrote. A few things have happened since the last post. I got job offer from Frappe Technologies . I had interviewed for them a few days ago and I was kind of anxious about getting the job. I already had a friend working there so I had a general idea about the work culture there, and it's great! So I was excited to join. I wanted to join the next day but as they were busy releasing v12 of their ERPNext software, I was to join on Monday, July 23. Which also happened to be when Frappe was founded 11 years ago. So my first day at work was a party. It was good fun. I've been told to work on an accounting app now, to get familiar with the companies own internal framework. It's really intitutive althought can be limiting sometimes. It's very opinionated so I don't think there will be widespread use of it, so I'll probably have to learn a new tech stack if I ever leave this company. I don't plan to as of now but if I ever do the domain knowledge of working on an ERP will surely be helpful. Anyway, nothing really happened much after the first day of work until today. Ashutosh, a friend of mine from college had also applied and gotten an interview. And that was today. I was really hoping he'd get the job as it would reduce my social anxiety around colleagues, but our CEO seems really unsure about this.

A little bit about the work culture at frappe. It is very result oriented, so you can work from home if you like and be late for work without affecting your paycheck. What matters is that you do your work in the time alloted. We get chhass (butter milk?) after lunch, as well as coffee and snacks in the office. It's gonna be hard to switch away from this work enviroment if I ever do.

While the title says number one this is the second Monday of quitting my job. Let's go over the reasons I quit my job first 1. Restrictive infrastructure: While the company employed a hundred people the state of the infrastructure was never that great. Half the days internet would not work and the other days only ethernet would work. 2. Limited opportunity to learn: While there were people in the company who had years of experience working in the software industry. Most of them had nothing to offer as far as learning goes. This combined with the menial financial compensation meant it was inevitable for me to quit sooner rather than later.

Let's talk about what I've been upto after I quit my job obviously excluding applying to new jobs. I've been trying to get into DevOps more, not because I want to pursue a career in DevOps but more because of the fact that it's useful knowledge to have, especially when you are working as a web developer. And it is still interesting. I started working on a 2019 rework for my website pranavnachanekar.com, it's been going along great so far. This also gave me an opportunity to work on my frontend skills. I've also been toying around with flutter, but mobile developemnt doens't really seem like my thing. I'm also trying to learn a systems programming language, but I am confused beetween Rust and C++, maybe I'll write more about this conflict in a seperate post, just to clear my mind. Currently going through the amazing C++ Primer book by Stanley B. Lippman. Here's what I want to accomplish before I start a new job: -Be somewhat competant at managing servers -Learn to use Sockets, GraphQL and a GraphDB -Message brokers and microservice architecture -PWA stuff such as storage, notifications and location

I'll keep posting here till someone tell me not to do so. See ya!